The Same Rick, with a different look!

by Molly Eggleton

I've been behind Rick's scenes for over 30 years now, so it's time I peek out and join the ranks of in living color. When our daughter, Katy, was 3 years old, we decided to leave Seattle and move to southern California to be closer to a good-sized extended family, and Rick started over, in franchise consulting and business brokerage. 

We've grown to love California and feel every bit at home up and down the coast, from north of the Bay Area to San Diego, and all points in between. Rick has also assisted business owners in California in these last 25 years with his years of business expertise, helping sellers, buyers, and many times both, in navigating a business-sale transaction. Adding to the array of services, Rick also provides simple and detailed business valuations. And I've added forensic accounting to the mix. 

The economy has been a frightening landscape for small business, especially, in these last few years, and we're focused on helping business owners make the course corrections necessary to thrive and prosper. 

The photos you see on these pages have little to do with business, yet have everything to do with the California dream. California's small business owners embody that: the California dream.  Let's work to make small business dreams happen!